Funding Requirements

The rehabilitation requires an investment of capital to provide the various facilities and amenities needed to successfully carry out those operations, and include the following:

1. Construction of a centre (consisting of dormitories, staff quarters and offices) for the accommodation of those in need or rehabilitation and retraining with counselors and trainers catering to their various needs.

2. The day to day running costs of the programme and the staff to include: training, food, clothes and medical bills.  

3. Transportation and communication facilities in order to reach out to the most troubled and affected within the community ; as well as the Community Outreach Programs for the reintegration of ex-combatants into normal, civilised society once they have been counseled and furnished with requisite skills to resume life.

The project can be implemented either on a small or large scale, depending on the level of funding available. The more funds there are, the greater the reach of the programme and the number of people who can be rehabilitated.

The ultimate aim is to have a camp large enough to accommodate a good number of ex-criminals for a period of 180 days.